Booking Guidelines

We take bookings in several ways. Email, SMS, Telecom, On-line booking system & soon our very own mobile app. Whichever method you decide is best for you the below is some general information that will help to ensure your request is correct first time.

Booking Confirmation

When you make a booking we will always send you a booking confirmation along with a booking reference no. You must always ensure you
receive this confirmation from us. If not this may mean we have not received your request.

Allowing enough time for check-in

When booking transfers to an airport, please specify the check time required so we can take this into consideration if you have not
already specified a collection time and would like us to advise a suitable time.

Unless we are given this information we will apply the below as standard.

Long Haul flight – 3 hrs Check-in

European flight – 2 hrs Check-in

NOTE: There may be times when passengers may only have hand luggage, will have already checked in on line or travelling business/ first class. Please let us know how much check-in time you require in these instances.

Car Sharing

We have 2 main reasons for encouraging this.

  • Cutting costs for our clients.
  • Reducing our Co2 emissions.

NOTES: The only time we advise against this is on airport collects specifically when it requires collecting from separate terminals. The reason being should one of the flights be delayed we could have a passenger waiting for an unknown period of time. We would do out best to arrange another vehicle but cannot guarantee a quick response.


Luggage Space Requirements

Please do let us know if you or your passengers are travelling with excessive amounts of luggage so we can insure we place a suitable vehicle.


  • Saloon – 2 pax – 2 large cases + hand luggage/ 3 pax hand luggage only
  • MPV – 4 pax – 4 large cases + hand luggage / 5 pax hand luggage only
  • 8 Seater Transporter  - 8 pax – 9/10 large cases + handluggage

Road Travel Time

As a reference guide we use route planner to calculate travel time to your destination. You too may find this useful when planning travel times. click here


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